6 June 2009
 Update 13 June

Dr Richard Worth MP OBE is on the way out of parliamentary politics.  It is now evident that Worth has sought sexual connections with female Asian immigrants in exchange for providing them with jobs on government boards.   His is a pathetic case, about which one would not normally give a second thought except for the fact that it exposes how cynically New Zealand political parties exploit ethnic minorities.

Worth is a staunchly pro-British monarchist National Party member of parliament who used his connections within immigrant communities for his own commercial and sexual advantage, in a way which is not at all dissimilar to the way that the National Party, the Labour Party, United Future Party and ACT  have exploited ethnic party list candidates for their own perceived (though doubtful) electoral advantage.

Self-promoting "representatives" of ethnic minorities (like Melissa Lee, Kanwaljit Bakshi, and Ashraf Choudhary) are offered places on the party lists in exchange for their assumed ability to bring in the ethnic vote.    The regime tries to represent this process as an attempt to obtain "diversity" in the institutions of state, but in reality it is a cynical exercise in political pragmatism.

Ethnic "diversity" is of little value in a parliament where every member is required to give allegiance to a hereditary British monarch, and where personal ambition is the dominant motive.   If allowed the choice,  most New Zealanders would probably prefer to be ruled by honest men and women of any race, rather than by an "ethnically diverse" gang of unprincipled opportunists and self-seekers.

While there is no proof that the "ethnic list" strategy (pioneered by arch political opportunist Peter Dunne MP) actually works, there is ample evidence that the relationship between the regime as a whole and ethnic minorities are as squalid as any of the goings-on in the office of Richard Worth MP, Minister of Internal Affairs.

To quote from a previous post 'The  phenomenon of Asian involvement in the European political parties is a scandal of mutual exploitation, and it is only a matter of time before Asian voters, like Maori voters before them, will tire of being manipulated and exploited by cynical European politicians ...".

Richard Worth is not the only one who will emerge from the affair with a damaged reputation.   Labour Party leader Phil Goff has shamelessly used the scandal for political advantage.   And the background of one of the complainants - Labour Party "activist" Neelam Choudhary is particularly revealing.   Choudhary's husband, Kumar Akkineni Choudhary, has been convicted of selling fake New Zealand job offers to Asian immigrants in order to help them gain New Zealand residency and citizenship.   It may seem ironic, therefore, that Worth is accused of offering Neelam Choudhary a post in the regime's state apparatus in exchange for sexual gratification.

In fact there is no irony.   This is how the regime operates.   Choudhary and Worth were playing by the same set of corrupt "rules".   Choudhary is politically, if not sexually, promiscuous.   Within weeks of the general election in which she was a contender for Labour Party nomination, she was meeting with a National Party Minister of the Crown and talking about the possibility of a government appointment while tolerating the said Minister's sexual advances.   As Brian Rudman put it, Choudhary "presumably knows which way is up".   And is determined to get there by whatever means she deems necessary.

The key player in the affair, Dr Richard Worth MP OBE (Order of the British Empire) is a perfect exemplar of the regime's sordid mix of monarchism, amoral self-interest, shonky business dealings, governmental corruption, and racial and sexual exploitation.   But corruption goes right through the system.   It infects the Labour Party as much as the National Party, and it infects all those recent immigrants that have thrown in their lot with the monarchist regime as much as the old school British monarchists like Worth himself.

Under this regime everything is for sale.   Citizenship, government jobs, political power and sex are all traded for cash.   It is not enough to just send Richard Worth packing.   The entire regime needs to go with him.


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